Samsung’s Rumored September OLED TV Launch

Samsung’s Rumored September OLED TV Launch

According to the latest reports, Samsung may release more OLED TVs in 2022 with LG panels.

Following the unveiling of its QLED and QD-OLED TVs, Samsung is already planning the introduction of its following TV portfolio.

According to analyst firm UBI Research, which thinks the new sets will be released in September (via The Elec).

We have known for a while that Samsung was planning to employ LG Display panels in OLED TVs, but price conflicts were supposedly delaying production.


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Samsung is reportedly planning to order 1.5 million units by the end of the year, indicating that people have resolved the problems.

It is significantly less than the firm's original prediction of 2 million units, but this is most likely due to the delays created by the talks.

It's unclear how they will compare to LG's own new C2 and G2 TVs, but we expect Samsung to utilize them more cost-effectively for its QD-OLED TVs.

Additional Information on Samsung QD-OLED TV Models

Samsung's QD-LED TV, according to Sam Mobile, is the company's response to LG's OLED TVs, slated to debut by 2022.

However, LG's OLED screens will continue to have the upper hand regarding pricing, as many critics believe they will be far less expensive.

People could unveil Samsung's new QD-LED panels during the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, held in Las Vegas in January.

Do You Recognize Your OLEDs From Your OLEDs?

If the claims are correct, Samsung's TV lineup will become more challenging to navigate, especially if you aren't familiar with TV jargon and model numbers. For starters, it has its tried-and-true QLEDs.


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Over the last few years, Samsung has focused on quantum dot technology and now produces some of the best, with extraordinary pixel counts that can reach 8K resolution.

Then there are the QD-OLED TVs, which people just announced. To create TVs with striking visuals, these mix the brilliant colors of QLEDs with the impressive contrast of OLEDs.

Finally, there are rumors of OLED TVs produced using LG panels.

On the other hand, Samsung has labeled their QD-OLED TVs simply "OLEDs."

As a result, unless it discovers a means to distinguish between the two tiers, it may be pretty easy to take the wrong one home if you're unsure which model you want.

Add in the fact that QLED and OLED are easily confused when written down, and we expect a lot of users to vent on social media in the coming year - especially around Black Friday sales when the bustle of bargains will likely increase the misunderstanding.

It makes Samsung's choice to drop the QD-OLED moniker from its current TVs even more perplexing.

It was already an odd move. The company's decision to call their panels simply "OLED" makes it easy to confuse them with LG's primary offerings rather than seeing them as a competitor to LG's enhanced OLED Evo TVs.

With its OLEDs on the coming, Samsung could cannibalize itself as buyers flock to the simple and less expensive choice, believing it to be as excellent as its other TVs.

We need to wait and then see what the future holds for Samsung's OLEDs, but we're hoping it can figure out a way to make the situation a lot less confusing. 

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