Sifu' Offers more Difficulty Options to Help Players Finish the Game

Sifu' Offers more Difficulty Options to Help Players Finish the Game

Sloclap's Sifu has been a critical and financial success, but the developer isn't resting on its laurels. The studio has unveiled a roadmap of improvements for the notoriously challenging beat-'em-up, including difficulty settings shortly.

Starting on May 3rd, you'll be able to choose between student, disciple, and master difficulty levels, which might help more people finish the game while also making it more challenging for returning players. Next week, Sloclap will also introduce an advanced training option and wardrobe selecting elements.

Sifu will gain an improved score system and new clothes, and fascinating gameplay variables during the summer. These include a one-health-point option, more powerful foes, a method to acquire all talents, and a bullet time mode.

More clothes and modifiers will be released throughout the year, as well as a replay editor in the fall and a whole new arenas mode in the winter. These will all be free updates.

Sifu was released in February for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Even though it was released just a few days before the all-powerful Elden Ring, it sold one million copies in just three weeks.


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