Some Twitter Features May Be Charged For By Elon Musk

Some Twitter Features May Be Charged For By Elon Musk

Can you imagine paying money to include one of Twitter's embedded tweets in a publication? On the other hand, Elon Musk appears to be planning to charge one to every media site that employs them to provide additional context to each story.

The purchase of Twitter has yet to be completed; obtaining funds was not tricky. But, according to Reuters, Musk spoke with the bank and persuaded them by assuring them he would begin charging fees for various functions on the network. These fees would only apply if you used a verified profile's tweet, but it appears Elon Musk didn't consider this.

In Case You Have Not Known What Happened

Twitter announced Monday that it has decided to sell itself to Elon Musk for $44 billion in a transaction. It may grow the billionaire's business empire and put him in command of one of the world's most popular social networks.

In little than a month, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO became one of Twitter's biggest shareholders, presented and declined a seat on its board, and bid to buy the firm.


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Shareholders would obtain $54.20 in cash for every share of Twitter stock they own under the terms of the agreement. It matches Musk's original offer and represents a 38 percent premium over the share price the day before Musk declared his position in the firm.

Twitter's committee of directors unanimously authorized the purchase, which is set to close this year. After Musk said last week that he had secured $46.5 billion in finance to buy Twitter, an obvious turning point prompted the company's board of directors to explore the purchase. The committee met on Sunday to consider Musk's proposal.

A New Era For Twitter Begins With Charging Fee?

On the outside, Musk appears to be advocating for a positive change at the site. Musk's objectives appear to be quite favorable for the site. He wants to eliminate bot and spam accounts, authenticate actual users, and promote free speech. Even Twitter's Jack Dorsey is now optimistic about Musk, expecting that he can bring reform to the platform and restore it to Dorsey's original goal. Recent reports, however, suggest that Musk is pushing for monetization of the service, which is naturally contentious.

According to the sources, Musk had to make a case with banks to get the loans he required to buy Twitter. Given Twitter's "Poison Pill" plot to thwart Musk's purchase, it was clear that buying out the site would require a significant sum of money. Musk stated to the banks that he would recoup the funds through various measures, including lower CEO salaries, employment layoffs at all levels, and the monetization of specific tweets.


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The tweeting that would be paid is those that either divulges "essential" information or go popular on the website and the internet in general. Musk could monetize the tweets in various ways, but it appears like he will charge a fee for third-party sites to use or embed the tweets on their platforms. While this shift might bring in more money for the site, it would also decrease the spread of knowledge over the internet; additionally, it raises the question of where this monetization would go. While Musk's quest to purchase Twitter took a long time, maintaining users would be more difficult.

It's unclear whether this change is permanent. Still, the implications of monetizing, particularly in the gaming world, might be disastrous for the site's popularity. On the other hand, users of Twitter will then have to wait and see if the site is altered for the better or for the worse.

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