Sony's PlayStation Loyalty Program Will Be Launched in the United States on October 5th.

Sony's PlayStation Loyalty Program Will Be Launched in the United States on October 5th.

You won't have to wait long to start earning rewards for playing and purchasing PlayStation games. Sony has announced that its PlayStation Stars loyalty program will launch in the Americas on October 5th, with access available to Australians and Europeans on October 13th. Stars has already established itself in Asia, particularly Japan. The software is free, however if you have PlayStation Plus, you will enjoy certain bonuses.

If you want the "full" experience, you must presently access Stars via the PlayStation App on mobile devices. However, you can join up on the web, and Sony anticipates that it will be available on PlayStation consoles in the future.

As previously stated, you earn PlayStation Stars prizes by completing activities and campaigns ranging from the simple (playing any game once a month) to the difficult (becoming one of the first in your region to win a game's platinum trophy). You'll earn loyalty points that you may redeem for your PlayStation Network wallet, digital collectibles (not NFTs), and specific goods. You may also order collectibles straight from the manufacturer.

By progressing through trophy- and purchase-based status levels, you may increase the quantity of incentives you receive. However, if you attained them 13 months after the end of the calendar year, you'll have to top it up. If you achieve level 2 this October, you will have until January 31st, 2024 to accomplish anything to prolong your status.

The technique and motivations are not novel. This, like Microsoft Points and Nintendo Gold Points, provides an incentive to return to your system – and spend money. Given that it's free, it could be worth a go, even if you just play on your PS5.

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Jessica Vieira
Jessica Vieira
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