The Best Microsoft Teams Goodies Will Soon Be Available to All of Us

The Best Microsoft Teams Goodies Will Soon Be Available to All of Us

When Microsoft Teams first came out in November 2016, it was part of the Office 365 productivity suite. Microsoft Teams is the best messaging app for your business. It's a place for real-time communication and cooperation, meetings, file and app sharing, and even a few emojis. All in the open, all in the place, everyone can see them. 


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Teams now include some powerful industry-specific features for the healthcare, emergency services, and education industries. It is possible for educators and administrators to quickly provision new channel "classrooms" that are appropriately secured for students and educators using a Group Policy wizard for education.

The ability to distribute class Notebooks via Teams and send an automated alert to every student in the class is available to teachers.

Virtual breakout rooms are now supported by Teams as well. These are excellent resources for teachers who require students to work in groups on group assignments. 

Teams now include an EHR connector, enabling healthcare providers to initiate a secure video call with a patient or colleague from within an electronic health record system compatible with Teams. Also available through their EHR portal is the ability to schedule visits on the Teams calendar.

Additional Microsoft Teams features will be added to the web-based client shortly. Updates to Microsoft's online collaboration platform Teams are being prepared, and one of these will help bridge the gap between the desktop application and the web client. 


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According to a cryptic roadmap entry, those accessing Microsoft Teams through their web browser will take advantage of the "modern meeting experience." According to a Microsoft spokesperson in an email exchange with TechRadar Pro, this will entail several things.

It brings features that were previously only available on the desktop to the web with this modern meeting experience update. In addition to the modern meeting stage views such as Dynamic View, Large Gallery, and Together Mode, it also includes the ability to switch between those selections. The pre-join experience and the control bar, among other things, have been improved, according to our sources. 

Microsoft Teams For The Web

Microsoft is gearing up for a full rollout in June following a successful trial of the "modern discussion experience" on the web in February. The Teams web app users will have access to the same breadth of functionality as everyone else in the company.

Large Gallery view, which allows up to 49 people to appear on-screen at once, and Together Mode, which places all participants on a common virtual background, are two features that web users will find particularly beneficial. 

Dynamic View, a feature that allows meeting participants to move and resize elements of the meeting screen in response to the shared content, will also be added as part of the update for web client users.

Finally, the Teams web app will provide users with new options on the pre-meeting landing page, making it easier to select audio and video sources before dialing into a session. Microsoft Teams is available now.

The update can be viewed as a continuation of Microsoft's efforts to ensure that the meeting experience is proper for all users, regardless of which client or hardware they are using to dial into the meeting.

The company has made many additions to its web application and the upcoming web app update to achieve this goal. 

Recent announcements from Microsoft, for example, have included the expansion of the transcription feature to customers who are using Teams in a virtual machine, as well as an update to Mozilla Firefox that will improve the meeting experience overall.

The company previously announced plans to make important accessibility features available to a broader range of attendees. 

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