The Extension Could Make Firefox the Ideal Browser for Content Creators

The Extension Could Make Firefox the Ideal Browser for Content Creators

Mozilla has published a new Firefox extension that lets users manage color calibration across several devices. 

By default, Firefox optimizes and renders colors and pictures using color management from Windows, macOS, Linux, and other operating systems to improve users' browsing experience. Users can disable color management and restart Firefox to ensure that the colors of graphics and videos are constant across devices, thanks to the company's new Extended Color Management Add-On. 

By doing so, media engineers and content creators can establish consistent and trustworthy assumptions about the color pipeline between browser content and the actual pixel values supplied to a computer's display.

The color output varies between monitors, operating systems, and browsers, which most users are unaware of. Color management programs must all be calibrated to the exact requirements for each workstation to have consistent color output across photos and video, which can be time-consuming. 

While some creative tools, such as Photoshop, allow you to turn off color management, most browsers do not. Mozilla's Extended Color Management plugin can be extremely valuable for users who need information examined by a third party remotely via a browser on a properly calibrated monitor. 

Extended Color Management

Mozilla's Extensions and Add-Ons team disclosed that some of the world's top visual effects studios, such as Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), use Firefox as part of their creative process when creating movies and TV shows. 

Color calibration became more challenging to regulate than in the office when visual effects firms and their vendors began working from home during the epidemic. This challenge is why, during the past year, Mozilla collaborated with ILM to develop its new Extended Color Management add-on.


Picture: Mozilla

Lucasfilm and its distant partners may now see the appropriate colors and view 'dailies' more readily than ever before, especially when working remotely, thanks to its new extension. 

At ILM, they want to ensure that all information is as color accurate as possible no matter where we view it. Thanks to Firefox improvements, they were able to improve the color accuracy of content seen in a browser more than any other browser. When they discovered a new use case for Firefox, their team was quick to respond and modified their browser to meet the requirement.

Other Firefox Features

When it comes to security features, Firefox thrives, but there's not much that stands out in terms of standard functionality. While you generally won't choose Mozilla based on these, they are best (and required) to have in a browser, and there are a couple of extras you won't find anywhere else.


Picture: pcmag

You can search in the Firefox address bar, get clever search suggestions, and have your search results include bookmarks, history, and open tabs. There's also URL auto-suggest, and you may customize your search bar settings for extra control over your browsing.

They are blocking auto-play of audio and video and seeing picture-in-picture pop-out movies separate from your browser window to stream something while multitasking is among the other features. Additional features include a built-in screenshot tool, dark mode, custom themes, extensions, form autofill, pinned tabs, reader mode, and spell-check.

Finally, Firefox is available in over 90 languages, works with Google goods (such as Docs and Gmail), and syncs across all of your devices.

User Experience

Firefox has a clean white background with easy-to-read, larger-than-normal black lettering for most of the default font. 

You'll see your shortcuts and many top articles from Pocket when you open a new tab. You can also personalize this page by clicking the Settings button in the top-right corner. You may customize your shortcuts by adding more rows, opting in or out of seeing sponsored material and Recommended by Pocket stories, and turning on or off your recent activity and snippets (Mozilla/Firefox tips and news).

The remainder of the browser options are as simple to navigate. There are enough that you can experiment with how the browser behaves and looks, but not so many that you worry you'll miss something if you don't read them all. 

Extensions, form autofill, pinned tabs, reader mode, and spell check are all accessible, including a built-in screenshot tool, dark mode, and custom themes.

The way search results are displayed isn't very unique, but as we previously stated, you choose Mozilla for a lean and secure experience rather than a feature-rich one.

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Jessica Vieira
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