The iPhone 14 Line Might Finally Include the Model You Want

The iPhone 14 Line Might Finally Include the Model You Want

The iPhone 14 - which is expected to launch between August and September, may have a substantial new prototype: iPhone 14 Max.

Experts are speculating about iPhone 14 variants after discovering four metal blocks machined into the layouts of four likely iPhone 14 models. Although the classic iPhone design (debuted with iPhone 12) is very distinctive, these rough-hewn blocks are a little unsightly.

Apart from what looks to be two large camera units on the 6.8-inch and 6.2-inch iPhone 14 Pro models, Apple Insider notes a major addition, citing a leak released by Quick Reviews Laboratory on Weibo, a Chinese social platform.

Instead of a 5.5-inch iPhone 14 small (which has long been speculated to be under development), there is a new 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max. This model has the same dimensions as iPhone 14 Pro Max; however, it also shares a two-camera core with the iPhone 14, which we talked about for a few months.


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We are drowning in a time warp between the iPhone 13 in our palms and the Apple iPhone 14 on the horizon, filling it with speculations fueled by apparent concept and production leaks. In other terms, we should tread on caution when it comes to these reports.

Nonetheless, the possibility of a large-screen iPhone 14 Max might provide an intriguing new alternative for iPhone fans on a budget. After all, the iPhone has shown a penchant for distributing its finest screen and fastest CPU across all iPhone models - and adjusting prices based on the main camera, storage, and RAM.

A 6.8-inch iPhone 14 Max might lie between iPhone 14 and 14 Pro in terms of pricing - while still delivering a taste of what the top of the line has to offer, thanks to the large screen.

Is Greater Size Always Preferable?


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Consumers will tell you the same tale: They like large-screened smartphones. iPhones and Android handsets with a screen size of 6.5 inches or greater are considered flagship gadgets. The issue with large-screen phones is that a correspondingly astonishing price often accompanies them.

A 14-inch iPhone Max may be exactly what your pocketbook needs, even more so if Apple does not cut corners elsewhere. However, it would be unfortunate if the advent of this bigger, entry-level gadget resulted in the demise of the iPhone 14 Mini. Apple's excellent mini-series is the last phone to cater to individuals with petite fingers and (maybe similarly petite screen expectations.

Yes, there is a lot we can extract from these limitless metal blocks, much more so now that we are thirsty for information regarding Apple's iPhone 14 intentions. As is customary, nothing is certain or even sand-bound. Once the launch event takes place, we may see four new devices similar to the existing iPhone 13 range – and chuckle about how some metallic bricks have previously misled us. 

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