The New-look Windows 365 Is a Dream for Hybrid Worker

The New-look Windows 365 Is a Dream for Hybrid Worker

Microsoft has unveiled a series of Windows 365 improvements that allow users to move between their local and cloud-based Windows 11 PCs smoothly.

Four new capabilities will be added to the virtualization service shortly: Windows 365 Boot, Windows 365 App, Windows 365 Switch, and Windows 365 Offline.

The updates are intended to make it easier for users to access their cloud desktop while still keeping functionality in instances where an internet connection is absent.

Blurring the Boundaries

Users may stream a Windows 11 desktop to any of their devices from any place using Windows 365. The purpose is to provide a plethora of alternatives for enterprises, particularly those without virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) knowledge, regarding cost, administration, and productivity.

Instead of hosting the operating system on-premises, Windows 365 streams apps, data, and settings from the cloud, transforming the user's device into a thin client. The amount of storage and computation power available is determined by which of the twelve Cloud PC configurations their IT team has allotted them.

Although Microsoft claims that the service has received a lot of attention since its introduction, the latest changes will improve the experience by lowering the cognitive friction involved in transitioning from the local OS to the Windows 11 desktop in the cloud.

Users may, for example, utilize Windows 365 Boot to launch right into their Cloud PC at startup. The boot provides many security benefits, particularly in BYOD circumstances, and speeds up the process of signing in to the cloud desktop.

Meanwhile, Windows 365 App lets you access the cloud desktop directly from the Windows 11 taskbar, and Windows 365 Switch makes moving between desktops as simple as switching between conventional windows.

The fourth new feature, Windows 365 Offline, will allow users to access some aspects of their cloud desktop when a connection is lost, or a service outage occurs. On the other hand, Microsoft has been tight-lipped about which exact resources would be available in offline mode.

Microsoft has not offered a date for the new features' distribution but has promised more details shortly.

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Jessica Vieira
Jessica Vieira
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