The Pixel 7 Could Stick with the Same Camera as the Pixel 6

The Pixel 7 Could Stick with the Same Camera as the Pixel 6

The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will likely launch later this year. Rumors about what we may expect are starting to circulate. And it appears like there won't be much of an update in the photography area this year. 

According to well-known tipper Yogesh Brar. The camera setup from the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro would "most likely" get used again. But, add in some sensor tweaks and software "magic," according to Brar.

Last year's Pixel 6 had a triple-lens 50MP wide + 12MP ultrawide camera on the rear. At the same time, the Pixel 6 Pro added a 48MP telephoto camera to the mix. Providing a 4x optical zoom option that the ordinary model lacked.


So Far, What We Know

Omit Pixel 7 speculations; we're still in the early stages. But we've already seen a few renderings of what the phone may look like. Again, don't expect too many differences from the Pixel 6 versions that debuted in 2021.

We've also heard that the Pixel 7 will have a 6.3-inch screen (down from the Pixel 6's 6.4-inch screen). While the Pixel 7 Pro will have the same 6.7-inch screen as its predecessor.

It's Surprising That Similar Gear Exists.

While the news that the Pixel 7 phones will have the same cameras as the Pixel 6 devices is disappointing. It's not unexpected – and don't forget that Google works miracles on the Pixel 6 series picture optimization.

More than any other phone maker, Google can be counted on to ensure that photographs and videos appear fantastic. The raw data is recorded by camera sensors and through software processing. Night Sight, which is available on Pixel phones, is a prime example.

With that in mind, it could well be that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro can produce better pictures with the same camera hardware as we saw in 2021. It wouldn't be the first time Google has done trickery like this on its Pixel smartphones.

The design looks like it's going to be similar too. But we're not too worried about that either. We like the rather unusual design that Google has settled on with the Pixel series. It is a breath of fresh air compared with the mass of iPhone clones currently available on the market.

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