The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 May Ditch the Rotating Bezel and the Classic Name

Samsung has introduced various Galaxy Watch versions throughout the years. Each version comes with a different size and a somewhat different style. The Galaxy Watch Classic series has always had a physically rotating bezel, which has helped differentiate Samsung's smartwatches from the competition. However, current rumors suggest that Samsung may be discontinuing the Classic model in favor of the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5.


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This is the second rumor concerning the Galaxy Watch 5 to claim that Samsung would drop the 'Classic' label and replace it with Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, according to SamMobile. The first rumor suggested that the Pro would have a massive battery, making it easy for the watch to stand out from the crowd. 

The article couldn't say if the physically rotating bezel would be present on either Galaxy Watch 5 model. But, many of Samsung's greatest smartwatches have gone without one in favor of a digital one. Thus, the change wouldn't be surprising. Similarly, the rumored Pixel Watch does not include a rotating bezel. 

Without the rotating bezel, many Galaxy Watch lovers may be disappointed. According to some users, it is one of the most popular features on Samsung smartwatches. The bezel is not only visually pleasing but also functional. Users may swivel the bezel to browse among widgets, displays, and programs.


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Galaxy Watch 5 to Ditch “Classic”

It is uncertain if this is only a name change or anything more substantial. Samsung canceled the Galaxy Note series earlier this year. Nonetheless, the Galaxy S22 Ultra keeps every feature of the Note. Indeed, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is an upgraded version of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, including a new set of rear cameras. 

Thus, if this is only a name change, it may be positive news for the rotating bezel fans. The rumor indicates that the standard Galaxy Watch 5 will be available in two sizes. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, on the other hand, only one size will be available. Plus, the latter might get an increase in its battery capacity. These watches will retain their circular dial design rather than transform into an Apple Watch clone. 

Finally, the new models will be powered by the One UI Watch platform, based on Google's Wear OS 3 platform. There is no word on whether the new watches will have additional health monitoring functions or will just be aesthetic improvements. 

Analysis: The Year of Wear OS

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic are currently two of the finest Wear OS smartwatches available. If you're not interested in an Apple Watch, your high-end wearable device alternatives are restricted.  


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As for the Galaxy Watch 5, we're hopeful that Samsung will maintain its momentum with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (assuming that is their names). As mentioned above, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will have a big battery boost over its predecessor.

We hope that Samsung will include the bezel in at least one model in the 2022 lineup. It's a popular feature that contributes to the attraction of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It also provides something unique from its primary competitors.

Let’s hope that the release of the Google Pixel Watch (which is expected later this year) will improve Wear OS smartwatch sales. Add new models from firms like Fossil to the mix, and the Apple Watch may finally face stiff competition.

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