This Huge Issue from Previous Models Still Persists in Nintendo Switch Sports

This Huge Issue from Previous Models Still Persists in Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports, which was launched lately, demonstrates that there is still a sizable demand for movement-controlled virtual sports. It is all gamers can talk about these days. 

Yet, one major commotion might put a hamper on its popularity. There are multiple instances of gamers accidentally throwing their Joy-Con controls at their pricey televisions, whose displays are documented online. It seems the prominence of the Nintendo Sports Switch has come at a cost. 

We recently reported on Nintendo Switch Sports advisories issued on the developer's Japanese Twitter account, urging users to secure the Joy-wrist Con's strap firmly and securely throughout the play. These warnings are included in the published edition of the Nintendo Switch Sports. It also urged players to take care and maintain a safe distance from other gamers and their televisions.


Picture: TechRadar.

Yet, they do not seem to have stopped users from damaging their televisions and displays altogether. It is proven eloquently in a viral video, which shows streamer 63man appearing devastated after mistakenly firing his Joy-Con towards the display he was using to play the game.

The Old Nightmare Has Been Back


Picture: Nintendo

While the Nintendo Switch's controls are substantially smaller and lighter than a Wiimote, they can inflict property damage when launched at the appropriate velocity. The terrible scenario is comparable to others when many of us played 2006's breakthrough pack-in game Wii Sports.

On Reddit, a user called Roman admitted to destroying a TV screen while enjoying Nintendo Switch Sports' cham-bara option, a sword-fighting-meets-American Gladiators dueling sport.

Roman's first instinct, he explained, was to switch off and then turn back on the television in the hope that doing so would heal this very obvious lesion — all to no effect.

And, just as they did previously, it seems as if gamers haven't lost their desire for postings about shattered televisions or displays due to playing Nintendo's motion-based games. This viral article on Nintendo Switch Reddit is only one of many.

Unsurprisingly, modern screens, particularly the greatest 4K televisions available, are costly. Their slender frames render them particularly vulnerable to harm from a stray Joy-Con-shaped missile. Furthermore, it is perhaps a greater issue now than during Wii Sports' heyday.

Nintendo Switch Sports has a robust user base, so we should expect a continual supply of viral accident footage and photos. And, with extensive post-launch assistance of additional sports and cosmetic goods, the game will probably maintain a certain level of popularity in the coming months and years.

Numerous Nintendo fans anticipated the next wave of screen devastation accompanying Nintendo Switch Sports. "And so it continues," Reddit user Mykeprime said in response to Roman's Reddit post on his damaged television.

"This is the material I've been waiting for," another said.

From our experience, it's still quite easy for your hold on the Joy-Con to slide into Nintendo Switch Sports, particularly during hard Tennis matches. According to a TechRadar writer, he has lost his grasp on Joy-Con a few times recently following a spin of the tiny controller. 

Fortunately, his LG CX OLED remained unscathed, owing to the Joy-robust Con's wrist strap, which kept the console from spinning out of his fingers.

In 2022, how many of such incidents will be real, and how many stem from Switch owners seeking to become viral or gain clout? When it concerns reports of Joy-Cons hollowing out screens, we must be cautious yet watchful. Although some may be true stories of foolishness, no irreversibly ruined screen should receive an on-the-surface evaluation. 

Nintendo, unsurprisingly, foresaw the comeback of the hovering video game controller. Nintendo Switch Sports has warnings that remind players to fasten the accompanying wrist strap attached to their Joy-Cons while playing.

However, how many Switch users will bother or even recall where those components are stored? Mine, unopened, remain in their respective bags from the Switch's 2017 introduction.

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