Tips to Improve Your Movement in PC FPS Games

Tips to Improve Your Movement in PC FPS Games

There are many crucial facets to guarantee your victories in FPS games. One such aspect is movements. Though the concept might be familiar, not many grasp its essence. That is the core difference between a winner and a loser.

This article will offer useful tips to improve your movement in PC FPS games. Do not miss out!

Tips to Improve Your Movement in PC FPS Games

These tips are simple but powerful. Try to employ them all in your strategy:

  • Acknowledge The True Essence of Movements

  • Mastering Keys to Movement

  • Observe The Pros

Acknowledge The True Essence of Movements


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The movements in first-person shooters may seem self-evident. Many people assume there is nothing to learn about it. You might think it is just how you travel throughout the game. But it is far from the case. 

A player's mobility is their decision to move from point A to point B. It entails how he places themself to get an advantage.

Let's go through a fundamental example. This illustration centers on locating and eliminating an adversary. What should you do if both parties know each other's whereabouts? It is not a smart idea to rush straight toward them. Such tactics make you an obvious prey for assailants. 

Instead, you might want to move in unpredictable ways. Your foes will find it much more difficult to strike you. Also, remember to put yourself in a favorable or unanticipated position to shoot them.

Mastering Keys to Movement


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In a first-person shooter, movement keys control your movement. The forward motion key will advance you. Meanwhile, the back mobility key reverses your progress. Everything is rather straightforward. Additional keys may be available depending on each game.

A sprint key, a leaping key, a stooping key, and even a flying key may be available. No matter how many movement keys there are, you will want to master them. If you can grasp these, your movement ability will increase unpredictably. The more unexpected your movement, the more fluid it will be.

Understanding what a key does is not the same as mastering it. It is about combining one button with others to assemble a challenging target. That will keep your foes perplexed, bewildered, or even fearful of your whereabouts.

Consider hiding behind a really large box and firing at an adversary. When you squat, your opponent will lose sight of you. If you remain hunched for 6 seconds, your adversary will have no idea about your next moves. Are you approaching from the right or left side of the frame? Or do you remain in the same location when you uncrouch? They will never know! That is a basic example of how to keep your adversaries fuming.

Observe The Pros


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As with professional sports, professional first-person shooter players can teach you a lot. Twitch. Tv is among the most famous venues for watching the professionals. On Twitch, you may stop and rewind a streamer's recent broadcasts. 

During your viewing, pretend to be that player. Assess how you would maneuver to achieve the next kill. Then, compare your predictions to those of the experts. Determine why the pro performed differently and pitch it against your expectations.

Bear in mind that you do not have to compare all the time. During observations, you should attempt to comprehend their tactics. Next, evaluate if you can include them in your strategies. Do not only observe; educate yourself.

Last but not least, remember that there may be no right or wrong method. There are only two types of movement: bad and good. Both are capable of successes and failures. However, the latter will result in greater and more consistent outcomes. 


We have provided tips to improve your movement in PC FPS games. These tactics are neither groundbreaking nor intricate. But with more caution and planning, they will elevate you to new heights. 

Hopefully, this article will come in handy for you. If there are questions, feel free to leave your message.

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