Top VPN Joins Forces with the Tor Project for a More Secure Internet

Top VPN Joins Forces with the Tor Project for a More Secure Internet

One of the top VPN providers available has teamed up with the Tor Project to help develop a more secure internet.

As a Green Onion Member, the Swiss-based service behind ProtonVPN and ProtonMail is now actively helping the initiative. This implies that both teams will collaborate to improve users' experience connecting to the Proton web apps via Tor.

“Tor’s work closely aligns with our vision of building a better internet where privacy is the default,” wrote the company in a blog post. “Sadly, more and more governments are turning to internet censorship or shutdowns to control their citizens. This has made Tor, with its anonymous browsing and ability to bypass advanced internet blocks, a vital tool for fighting censorship.”

Easy Connect Proton Apps with Tor Browser

While a ProtonVPN subscription allows you to connect to the Tor network using a standard browser, things are a little different when accessing your encrypted email service. You may now sign up for your ProtonMail account straight on the ProtonMail onion site due to this new agreement.

It’s not the first time Proton and Tor have collaborated. Back in 2017, the nonprofit organization assisted the provider in releasing the initial edition of the site. However, thanks to a big site upgrade, users may now make use of Tor’s expanded privacy capabilities to offer an extra layer of security to their conversations, calendar, and files saved on the drive.

As the provider explained: “At Proton, we believe everyone should be able to use the internet and express themselves without worrying about censorship or surveillance. Joining the Tor Project as a Green Onion Member is part of our work towards this goal. 

“Our close collaboration with the Tor Project and our updated onion site will provide more ways for people facing advanced online surveillance and censorship to access our services.”

  • Find more about the Tor Project here.

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Jessica Vieira
Jessica Vieira
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