Twitter Down: Social Media Website and App Aren't Working - Again

Twitter Down: Social Media Website and App Aren't Working - Again

Every other week that the web breaks - you have got it (from the feature), Twitter is down.

The virtual social media is unavailable to many customers - attempting to get to the site page raises the message, "Something went wrong. Try reloading." The app will not revive with more up-to-date tweets.


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Investigates jumped up into the enormous numbers promptly after the blackout. It deserves to bring up that while the reports also rose on (in the US), they did not increase a lot.

It seems like a limited issue, as many TechRadar associates have not had a problem. They say that the sheer number of Downdetector reports shows that Something is going on.

In addition to the fact that the leading Twitter site is down, other Twitter sites are down, similar to its Help site.

What Happened?


We simply needed to post an amusing joke, and now we have found that Twitter is not working. We are investigating.


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In light of Downdetector and TechRadar's US group reports, the blackout affects far fewer people in the US than in the UK - it appears to be fundamentally a British issue. Indeed, we can add that to the rundown after Freddos costing more, Magnums getting more modest, and the entire cost for many everyday items.


In the UK, DownDetector reports more than 4,000 reports as of now. That is a considerable number given the number we ordinarily see. For the significant blackouts that influence different sites, we know a couple of thousand reports.


This blackout has come about a month and a half after the last Twitter blackout.

That was a more modest one, as the main Twitter feed would stack. However, Tweets would not - so you could see them yet not click on them or associate with them.

Now, you can not see anything - it is radio-quiet.


Generally, when there is a web blackout, people go to Twitter to search for replies. That is... a little harder at this point.

We took a gander at Facebook; however, Twitter itself has not posted there for quite some time. It was a screenshot of a Tweet about cats the last time it did. What is this, 2007?

However, Facebook is a bit more community-focused, so it is harder to see what people in the more extensive world are talking about.


There is no authority comment, yet there are people from around the world remarking to say that Reddit is not working for them.

Unfortunately, because the media monster itself entirely facilitates Reddit's help and newsroom locales, they are not working by the same token.


We are seeing a developing number of reports of blackouts from the US. However, TechRadar's group based there has not seen anything.

A server in Europe is to blame, so it is quite a lot more of an issue for our UK readers than our US ones.

Yet, we are standing by to determine from Twitter to see what is happening.



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Reports are beyond 4,000 right now.

For context, the baseline is 3. That is a significant contrast.


Hold up for a second - Twitter is back!

This comeback recommends that the blackout finish could be around - with perfect timing for you to get back to work after your mid-day break—what a misfortune.


DownDetector reports for Twitter issues are at last going down - it seems as though Twitter could genuinely finish the blackout.

It is anything but a high fall of reports, which proposes that specific people observe issues with their work area site or telephone app, yet this lets us know that the underlying problem is being settled.


We have been hoping to check if Twitter itself has remarked on the blackout. We can not see a single thing from any of its accurate records up to this point.

Saying that it has around its own billion records for various areas, parts of the site, and then some, it is entirely conceivable that one of them has posted, and we simply have not tracked down it yet.


Indeed, this was a short blackout - down and up again for over 60 minutes.

We would lean toward web blackouts not happening by any means. However, assuming that they must occur, we like them when they are simply a way for a short time, like at this point.

Not The First Time Of 2022

Twitter had a few problems again Thursday, Feb 11, with customers across the U.S. revealing issues getting to the informal community's site.

The user reports that Twitter had technical problems that started to spike at around 10:51 a.m. ET. About 85% of the objections enlisted by DownDetector were connected with getting to Twitter's site. 

By 2 p.m. ET, Twitter had fixed the issues, the organization said. "Earlier today, we experienced a technical bug that briefly impacted how tweets were loading for people on Twitter. This issue has since been resolved."

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