Upcoming Windows 11 Update Could Improve How You Copy and Paste

Upcoming Windows 11 Update Could Improve How You Copy and Paste

In the future, Windows 11 appears to have some intelligent new tricks for copying and pasting, such as intelligently recognizing what you're cutting or copying and then suggesting to open a relevant program to paste into.

After looking into the newest preview builds of Windows 11 and discovering a lot of experimental flags for these features, Windows Latest found hints of a Smart Clipboard and Smart Actions.

In addition to other bits of functionality, those flags hint at a "Smart Clipboard UX" and "Smart Install App Recommendation," with Windows Latest hypothesizing that this Smart Clipboard would have a specific keyboard shortcut. And it would be independent of the existing Clipboard and allow users to transfer rich material into apps instantly.

As an illustration, let's pretend you copied the address of an email account. As a result, Smart Clipboard would immediately advise that you paste this into your Outlook application (opening the app and putting the copied address in a blank message).

Depending on what you're cutting or copying, you may suggest other apps as a destination. The entire system would be powered by AI, which means that Windows 11 should learn the actions you frequently perform and grow more accurately with its choices over time.

When Will The 2022 Feature Update For Windows 11 Be Available?


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Microsoft declared shortly after Windows 11 that the new operating system would only receive feature updates once a year. It aligns with macOS, implying that they plan only one major update for 2022.

It's uncertain when that will occur. October would be the first anniversary of the introduction of Windows 11, but Windows Latest claims it will arrive sooner - in July 2022, to be accurate.

Although author Mayank Parmar is usually a reputable source of information, the article's claim that Windows 11 would celebrate its first birthday in July is wrong.

According to a second January 2022 story from the same source, the upgrade will be available "late summer" after being finalized "in a few months."

That's purposefully vague - no one outside of Microsoft knows a definite release date - but it suggests that official deployment will begin in July or August.

They may reveal more information at Microsoft's Hybrid Work event on April 5th. However, the focus would likely be on enterprises and their use of Windows 11 Pro.

As with Windows 10, Microsoft will likely progressively reduce availability to manage demand. Unlike the first release of Windows 11, it is unlikely that all supported devices will receive the update immediately. 

Analysis: Redesigning Even The Most Fundamental Computing Jobs


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Cut or copy and paste is such a simple activity that it's almost certainly hardwired into your regular computing habits - an action you do without even thinking about it.

While you might not think there's much you can do with such a simple piece of functionality, it's encouraging to see Microsoft thinking about innovating in these areas - the essential nuts and bolts of the Windows 11 experience.

Microsoft's operating system might benefit from machine learning-powered suggested programs for whatever you're cutting or copying. It could make working within Microsoft's OS a little bit more straightforward.

And if you don't want them, you don't have to utilize the new function; at least, not if it works as described in Windows Latest.

Of course, all of this is based on some bits of information hidden away in Windows 11. And we do not know if Microsoft has any concrete plans to construct such a Smart Clipboard. It could remain experimental fiddling that never sees the light of day for all we know.

Or we could see this Clipboard makeover later this year when the major 22H2 upgrade arrives, and if that's the case, the functionality should be available for testing soon. 

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