VPN Aces Independent Privacy Audit

VPN Aces Independent Privacy Audit

IPVanish, one of the finest VPN services available, has passed an impartial third-party audit to validate its no-logs guarantee with flying colors.

Leviathan Security Group, a cybersecurity consulting firm, validated that the VPN service follows the data-handling methods outlined in its Privacy Policy.

“In order to keep our users truly safe while they use our service, we do not log or store any data about your connections or your activity. This means that we don’t know where or how you’re connecting to the internet or what you are doing online when using our VPN,” said the provider.

Leviathan Security Group was granted access to all of its papers, technology, and team members by IPVanish. To analyze the credibility of its policies, the audit panel performed in-depth interviews with personnel and other technological examinations.

While specific data is retained for operational purposes, such as email addresses, billing information, and preferences, IPVanish never records any identifiable traffic data or details about its customers’ online activity. These include search history, background applications, streaming details, and upload and download activity.

Customers must understand how their data is gathered, kept, and used. As a result, VPN audits performed by trustworthy third-party specialists are an essential technique for ensuring user safety by offering independent verification of the firms’ practices. In addition, IPVanish was chastised in 2018 when its parent business was implicated in a report concerning sending over information on a user’s activity.

IPVanish is only one of the well-known companies that have had its data-handling openness tested by an independent audit. ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark are among the other companies doing the same.


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Jessica Vieira
Jessica Vieira
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