What Do Fans Expect to See in The OnePlus11? A Speculation

What Do Fans Expect to See in The OnePlus11? A Speculation

The OnePlus 11 is expected to be the first newcomer to the Nord mobile phone line, despite many speculations that this product range will welcome a few new arrivals at once. The phone will likely debut at an extravagant launch event, just like its predecessors did. Speculations deduced that this event might occur around the first four or five months of 2022. 

So far, not many sources have given any credible calculations regarding OnePlus's 11 expenditures. However, based on what we have seen in the OnePlus 10 Pro (which ranges around $899), it is safe to assume that the pricing will be high - but not too high, especially if it is not a Pro edition. 

But will it become one of the best Android gadgets we will receive this year? We will need to see what features it brings about to offer an accurate evaluation. 

Sadly, most info leakers are still pretty quiet about the OnePlus 11's accessories. So while we are waiting for some good news, let's create a wish list of our own and list out things that we would love to see in this long-awaited gadget.


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Charging Consistency

It is undeniable that the OnePlus 10 Pro boasts quite a consistent and capable charging speed (about 80W) compared to most competitors. However, unfortunately, devoted fans of the OnePlus product range still report a significant decrease in its velocity from previous variants. 

Hence, most people would love to see a remedy for this existing issue in the upcoming OnePlus 11. If the OnePlus 11 could fix this downside of the OnePlus 10 Pro, watching our favorite sitcoms for hours on end would no longer be a challenge!

A Straightforward Release

The OnePlus 10 Pro model has had quite an intricate and roundabout release, which annoys many customers worldwide. First, this phone was only accessible to Chinese customers, and the brand refused to release it to a wider demographic until February 2022 at MWC. 

That is not even the worst; people had to wait two more months for the phone to be officially released in several very selected nations. By the time it is finally accessible to the rest of the world, its design has already gone out of trend. What a waste of our time! 

We do not want such a disaster to replicate for the OnePlus 11. Its launch should be as straightforward as possible, alleviating our waiting time. 

Better Cameras


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The OnePlus 10 Pro boasts a convenient 3.3x lens that facilitates better zooming - a huge step up compared to most similar gadgets. But to many users, that is still not enough; they wish to see even more improvements in the OnePlus 11. 

According to many customers' reports, they would like a 5x (or even 10x) telephoto lens, which would justify the ridiculously long period between the two models. After all, why should we wait for so long if there are barely any differences between the two? 

Not to mention that certain drawbacks are still palpable in the OnePlus 10's lens, which, according to several professionals, significantly restraints the maximum amount of potential digital zooming. Some upgrades in the OnePlus 11 would certainly lend much more opportunities for aspiring photographers to take stunning scenic pictures.

On the other hand, some people argue that such a huge improvement might better suit an Ultra version.

Smaller Versions

The OnePlus 10 line has prided itself in its incredibly huge dimensions, providing lots of screen space and storage. However, does this edition ever cater to users with petite fingers? For these users, such a large variant might be uncomfortable and cumbersome. 

We would like the OnePlus 11 to arrive in a smaller and more compact size to fix this problem. After all, this demand might not be that staggering; even Xiaomi and Samsung have employed such tactics in the past. The Samsung A12 Galaxy, for instance, is much more small-sized compared to its predecessors. It is time OnePlus also follows Samsung's steps.

Does OnePlus Resort to Realme and OPPO Replicas?


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OnePlus has always prioritized designs and aesthetics, which has always been considered the long-lasting goal of the brand ever since its fated inception many years ago. Visual aspects have always been mentioned by Pete Lau (the CEO and Co-founder of OnePlus) as the most critical element. 

Sadly, in 2022, most people believe that OnePlus's portfolio has stepped down to a new low. Rather than manifesting creative and distinctive concepts, the brand seems to recreate prevalent variants from Redmi and Oppo.

Worse, it is not even the first time. The OnePlus 5, released in 2017, has always been criticized for its striking resemblance with R11 Oppo. Not to mention that Oppo has always been cited as a reference source for OnePlus to market its gadgets.

Many other OnePlus dedicated fans dispute this argument nonetheless. According to them, Oppo's status outside Asia is quite low in the first place. Also, OnePlus has recently teamed up with OxygenOS for improved software, which means that the software sectors of both phones might turn out to be worlds apart.

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