What to Expect From Meta Cambria's Next VR Headset, Quest 3

What to Expect From Meta Cambria's Next VR Headset, Quest 3

The Oculus Quest 2 is a powerful VR device, and Meta is leveraging its success to drive its Metaverse goals. Not only has the rumored Oculus Quest Pro been renamed Project Cambria, but the company also confirms that the Oculus Quest 3 is still in the works.

It's not surprising to see a successor to one of the top VR headsets. Still, Meta just redesigned its Quest portfolio to better match its Facebook parent company moniker.

Naturally, this implies that the Oculus Quest 2 may be the last of its kind, as the Oculus Quest 3 will most likely be released as the Meta Quest 3.

Price Of Oculus Quest 3

The Oculus Quest 3 has no stated price; however, it could be less expensive than Meta's Project Cambria. It's worth mentioning that the Oculus Quest 2 is significantly cheaper than the original, with 64GB units costing $299 instead of $399 at launch.

If the current price trend continues, the Quest 3 may become even more inexpensive than its predecessors. In some ways, Meta's objectives benefit from having an affordable pricing point.

By allowing beginners and casual users to try virtual reality for free, the business hopes to increase interest in Metaverse and Web 3.0.

Quest 2 Is A Stand-Alone Game.

Cambria appears to be a stand-alone gadget, similar to Quest 2. However, similar to Quest 2, expect it to be able to link to PCs and, to a lesser extent, phones.


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According to The Information, early design sketches indicate a design that appears to be smaller than the Quest 2, but a larger battery could entail greater weight.

To achieve convincing 3D effects, Meta has stated that the headset will use "pancake lenses" to reduce the distance between lenses and the user's face.

The larger battery appears to fit on the rear of the headgear, an augmented reality headset, than Meta's current Oculus VR glasses.

VR headsets such as the HTC Vive Focus 3 (as well as Meta's Battery strap attachments for Quest 2) have batteries on the back of the headset.

Expect the headset to be able to link to computers for more powerful apps, much like the Quest 2 can today, despite more recent reports like that of The Information Cambria dubbing it a "laptop for your face."

What Effect Will It Have On Reality?


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The improved external cameras of Project Cambria collect and display passthrough color footage on the headset's in-built display. The Quest 2 can also "look through" the outside world, albeit only in blurry black-and-white video.

The Quest 2 combines this stream with VR, such as B. Boundaries of space, to create a form of hybrid reality. Meta Cambria is expected to make this much more practical.

Metas' hopes for future AR glasses have yet to be realized. Still, Cambria could become a toolkit for developers to construct AR-style experiences that involve hand (and eye) tracking.

Most Likely, It Will Not Be A Game Console.


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If the Cambria headset costs more than $800, it will never be as popular as the Quest 2. Meta appears to imply that's not the purpose of Cambria, meaning that game makers may be less interested in the new technology.

Facebook has previously financed various gaming and art projects on its VR platforms, but it appears that Cambria will not be re-releasing games.

An emphasis on business-related, fitness-related, and AR crossover apps is more likely for Meta than anything else to aid the development of metaverse visions.

With that in mind, existing Quest 2 users may already have the best VR gaming console for the foreseeable future.

According to The Information's most recent report on the Meta Cambria, the headset's primary capabilities – higher screen resolution, eye-tracking, and passthrough mixed reality – will be instruments to promote Meta's vision for work and the future of VR.

Keep an eye out for rival high-end VR and AR goods such as the Vive Focus 3, Hololens 2, and Varjo's headgear, aimed at professional uses.

While Meta has had significant success in appealing to gamers, getting businesses to use its technologies will be more difficult. 

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