Why You Should Use "Good Lock" on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Why You Should Use "Good Lock" on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

There is a wide range of ways to make Android phones your own. Samsung Galaxy phones have more tools you may not have known about. "Good Lock" is a set of apps that lets you make any changes. Why should you use it?

It has the five best features of Samsung Good Luck

  • Theme Park

  • One Hand Operation+

  • Home Up: Share Manager

  • Home up: Task Changer

  • Routines+

Why You Should Use "Good Lock" on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Below are the reasons why you should use “Good Lock”:

Theme Park

People used to like Theme Park before it was fantastic. Google used to have a "Material You" theme engine called "Material You." It used to be that you could make a new theme based on your wallpaper. It means you can now make any changes you want to the colors on your own.


Starting with your wallpaper, you can change the colors of the accents to make them more or less like the ones you like. You can make a whole theme or change things like the Quick Settings panel, icons, and the volume slider. 

One Hand Operation+

Samsung has a lot of big phones, and they can be hard to use with one hand.

In this device, you can use the navigation buttons with one hand. It's not the same as One-Handed Mode.


"One Hand Operation+" lets you put the Home, Back, and Recents buttons on the sides of the screen. It also allows you to put other buttons there. It's better to make a simple swipe gesture than to reach the bottom of the screen and make a clunky move. 

Home Up: Share Manager

It's called "Home Up," and it lets you change many different things about your phone. The Share Manager is the most important one. It enables you to share something with other people. Android has a built-in sharing menu that isn't very good, but this lets you change it slightly.

It lets you choose which apps show up first when you share. You can turn off the "Nearby Share" and "Copy URL" buttons. So they don't show up, and you can also remove the shortcuts to your contacts. It's great to do a little more with the share menu. 

Home Up: Task Changer

Android's multitasking screen isn't bad, but it could be even better than right now.

The Task Changer settings are my second favorite part of the Home Up app. There are many ways to change how the multitasking screen looks, and you can do it yourself.

There are five various layouts that you can select from when you use Task Changer. A horizontal list of cards or a "Slim List" of app names are two ways to use the cards. To make the layout easier for big screens, you can make it easier to move things around and turn them on. 


"Routines+" adds location-based events, widget shortcuts, fingerprint scanner shortcuts, and many other cool things to the app. It's great if you like making things happen for you. Routines+ lets you do some cool things. 

What is Samsung Good Lock?

Let's start with the basics. What does "Good Lock" mean? Despite the name, it's not just about the lock screen or safety. Good Lock has a lot of "modules" that let you change and tweak different parts of the operating system.

In the Good Lock suite, there are 14 different modules to choose from. They can change the lock screen, notifications, timer, multitasking screen, navigation bar, sound, etc.


Each of these modules is its own "app," and they all work together. Among other things, the module for the lock screen is called "LockStar." The module for notifications is called "NotiStar," and so on. You don't need to use all of these modules. You can choose which parts of the OS you want to change. It's like having a custom ROM that you can pick and choose what you want. 


Because this set of tools has a weird name, Good Lock doesn't even describe what it does. Good Lock is an important app if you care about how your phone works. 

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