Xbox Game Pass is Taking a Feature from Netflix

Xbox Game Pass is Taking a Feature from Netflix

Microsoft plans to add a family plan membership option for Xbox Game Pass later this year, allowing up to five gamers to use the service with a single subscription.

What Is an Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass is a game subscription service from Microsoft for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Windows 10 operating systems for PC, and Cloud Gaming for Android platforms. This service was launched in early 2017, and users will have to pay a monthly fee to experience exclusive games only available on Xbox Game Pass. Like the Netflix movie platform, Xbox Game Pass is the same, but you will experience hot games only on Xbox Game Pass instead of watching movies.

Benefits that Xbox Game Pass brings to players:

  • The game library is enormous, with more than 100 titles of different genres, and players will be updated with new games if the Xbox Game Pass service is still active. In addition, when registering for the service, users will receive discounts and other vouchers from the issuer.

  • Players can play a few games on many different platforms. In addition to experiencing more than 100 titles on the Xbox platform, players can also experience exclusive games from the publisher EA Play on consoles and PCs only for members who subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass service.

Xbox Game Pass Is Updating A Netflix Feature

The family plan will work similarly to the premium tiers of Spotify and Netflix, with a primary account holder purchasing a subscription to the whole Xbox Game Pass catalog and sharing it with four additional users in separate households.

Windows Central cited "reliable sources familiar with Microsoft's operations," the new group tier will be much less expensive than purchasing five individual plans. It will also use Microsoft's current Family Account system, which is already available for Office 365.

The cost of the family plan is currently unknown. It's also unclear if the new tier will be available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or the lower-tiered PC and console versions of Game Pass.


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According to Windows Central, rumblings of the new concept have been heard for quite some time, but the idea has gotten off the ground as Microsoft smoothed out aspects around royalties and payments for third-party publishers.

According to the article, Microsoft will announce the new strategy "near future." Remember, nothing has been officially confirmed until then.

Xbox users have been screaming for a family Game Pass option for quite some time. Similar models like Spotify and Netflix show that group subscription tiers may save individual customers a considerable amount of money on their rolling contract payments by sharing the price of the service among numerous users at a substantial reduction.

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